Hall of Fame

The St. Mary’s College Hall of Fame was established on October 9, 1997 by the St. Mary’s College Past Students’ Union to recognise outstanding past students and other individuals associated with the College, who by their deeds of excellence, serve as exemplars to past and present students in keeping with our motto – Virtus et Scientia – Manliness and Knowledge.

Current List of Inductees

2015 2013
Dr. John Alcindor
Fr. Michel de Verteuil
Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick
Professor Patrick Hosein
Dr. Eugene C. P. Laurent
Dr. Valance (Val) I. Messiah, H.B.M.
Dr. Badri Rickhi
Mister David Toby. C.M.
Mr. Alexander Bernard Chapman, H.B.M.
Fr. Angus Fraser, C.S.Sp.
Dr. Winston Ince, C.M.
Brigadier General Joseph L. Theodore (Ret’d), M.O.M., E.D.
Mr. Michael Jay Williams
2011 2009

Mr. Desmond Allum, S.C.

Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth (Ken) Gittens, H.B.M.

Mr. Kenneth (Ken) Gordon, C.M.

Mr. Leon "Taffy" Phillips

Professor Emeritus Arnold Rampersad

The St. Mary's College Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force

Commander Jack Williams, M.O.M.


Mr. Aubrey Adams, HBM, CM
Mr. Michael ‘Mike’ Agostini
Justice Ulric Cross, CM
Mr. Tyrone de la Bastide
Fr. J. J. English, C.S.Sp.
Mr. Sedley Joseph, HBM
Mr. Michael Mansoor
Dr. Reginald K. Richardson, CM
Mr. Louis Jim Rodriguez
Fr. Cristobal ‘Toba’ Valdez, C.S.Sp, HBM
His Excellency, Lester Efebo Wilkinson
Mr. Ronald Andre Williams
2007 2005
Justice Kenneth Vincent Brown, C.M.G., K.C.
Professor Emeritus
Alan Knolly Butler, C.M.
Mr. Clive Pantin
Justice Clement Phillips, T.C.
Professor Ramsey Saunders
Mr. Garrett (Gary) Anthony Warner, C.M.
Professor Emeritus Lawrence Wilson
Mr. C.T.W.E. Worrell
Mr. Wayne Berkeley, H.B.M.
Mr. Fenrick De Four, C.M.
Bishop Malcolm Galt, C.S.Sp.
Professor Emeritus
Dr. Kenneth S. Julien, T.C.
Dr. Hollis Liverpool, H.B.M.
Mr. George Padmore (Malcolm Nurse)
Mr. Christopher Thomas, C.M.
2003 2001
Professor Emmanuel Amoroso, T.C.,C.B.E.
Professor Courtenay Bartholomew, C.M.
Mr. William (Willie) V. Clerk
Mr. Charles (Charlie) Davis, H.B.M.
Justice Michael de la Bastide, T.C., Q.C.
Mr. J. Hamilton Holder, C.M.
Dr. Alistair Karmody
Fr. Gerard Pantin, T.C., C.S.Sp.
Mr. Andre Tanker, C.M.
Dr. Bert Achong
Dr. Henry ‘Harry’ Collymore, T.C., H.B.M.
Dr. Reynold Dolly, C.M.
Mr. Michael Hamel-Smith
Professor Collin Karmody
Dr. Roderick Marcano, T.C., O.B.E.
Mr. J. Hamilton Maurice, T.C.
Archbishop Anthony Pantin, T.C., C.S.S.P.
Dr. Theo Poon-King, C.M.
Mr. William ‘Willie’ Rodriguez, H.B.M.
1999 1997
Mr. Kelvin ‘Pa’ Aleong, C.M.
Dr. Andre Joseph Cipriani
Mr. Ray Edwin Dieffenthaller, C.M.
Dr. Aldwin G. Francis, C.M.
Mr. Joseph Anthony ‘Joey’ Gonsalves
Fr. Arthur Lai Fook, C.S.Sp., C.M.
Dr. Patrick Solomon, T.C.
Fr. Pedro Valdez, C.S.Sp., C.M.
Mr. Wilfred (Sonny) Vincent Brown
Mr. Louis Anthony Wharton, K.C.
Mr. Ellis ‘Edgar’ Achong
Sir Henry Alcazar, Kt., K.C.
Mr. Felix Amoroso-Centeno
Hon. Vincent Brown, K.C.
Captain Arthur A. Cipriani
Sir Ellis Clarke, T.C., G.C.B., G.C.M.G.
Monsignor C.B. de Martini
Sir Louis de Verteuil M.D., K.C.M.G.
Sir Errol Dos Santos C.B.E.
Fr. Leonard Graf, C.S.Sp., C.M.
Sir Solomon Hochoy, T.C., G.C.M.G., O.B.E.
Sir Gaston Johnston, Kt., K.C.
Dr. Joseph Lennox Pawan, M.B.E.
Mr. Clifford Roach, H.B.M.
Mr. Raymond Quevedo (Atilla the Hun), H.B.M.
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