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Sunday 20th November 2016


Fr. Gerry Pantin, who unbeknown to many, has left an indelible print on his Alma Mater in the arena of sport. To the nation he is well known as the founder of that wonderful movement SERVOL for which he was awarded the nation’s highest honour, the Trinity Cross, as it was at that time. But today we remember, alas much too belatedly, his great contribution to St. Mary’s in the field of sport.

In 1960 Fr. Gerry was appointed games master soon after assuming his teaching post at St. Mary’s a year earlier. He had returned to his Alma Mater with great expectations placed on his shoulders for during his student years he excelled at everything to which he directed his energies. In 1947 he culminated that excellence in winning the Jerningham Gold Medal, the acme of secondary school academic achievement, having claimed the Open Science scholarship. Quite extraordinarily, in that same year, he scored two of the goals in the replay of the Intercol final vs QRC which CIC won 3-1, for the fifth successive year! Those were golden years, far removed from the memories of many, and unknown to most in these times.

As games master Fr. Gerry set about expanding and improving the college’s sports facilities here at St. James. The two focal points of the improvement were firstly, the providing of necessary playing space for the senior students who for more than 30 years had to make use of the savannah, and secondly, the old pavilion located over there to the west was in need of extreme repairs, repairs that would have cost a considerable sum of money. In stepped Fr. Gerry with his advisers: “Why not spend some more money, build a new pavilion in a different location, and by levelling the area formerly occupied by the old structure, provide our Senior boys with a full- size playing field within the enclosure of St. James?” And so it was! That brilliant mind was furiously ticking!
Work began on the pavilion in October 1963 and on Sunday 26th January 1964 at 9:00 a.m. the new pavilion was blessed and officially opened. At that same time “Project Turf Wicket” had also been completed, thanks to the services of Edgar “Man” Borde who had a short time before produced the first turf wicket at the Queen’s Park Oval.

But visionary that he was, Fr. Gerry looked even farther into the future and commissioned the building of a 25-metre pool a year later. On Thursday 30th September 1965 the new pool was blessed and immediately became a veritable centre of swimming and water-polo in Trinidad.

In less than six years then, Fr. Gerry Pantin had amazingly managed to revolutionize sports at St. Mary’s. Hence our purpose today of happily commissioning the pavilion in his name, to be forever a reminder of his memorable contribution to St. Mary’s College and the nation of Trinidad and Tobago, in the service of sport.

We salute our outstanding alumnus, Fr. Gerry Pantin!

2017 Fete With The Saints

In 2017, the 'Saints' are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that we deliver an unforgettably positive experience to our patrons. A new combination of music is being offered with Machel, Kes the Band and DJs Nuphoric and Private Ryan serving up 'Wall to Wall' music.

True gourmet food will again be available with an assortment of meals, with the feature items being, ribs, grilled lamb, grilled beef, a dedicated sea-food stall and delightful creole cuisine. These meals will be catered by top chefs such as Khalid Mohammed of Chaud Resturant, Mona Hadeed of Boomerang Caterers and Asemoy Berment of Berment Caterers.

As usual, premium drinks: scotch whiskies, wines, rums, vodka, etc. will be poured from easily accessed full bars and cocktail bars. Non-alcoholic cocktails will also be available. Not to be forgotten is the top-class range of desserts that includes Haagen-Dazs ice-cream and tempting specialty items such as pastries, cinnamon rolls, cookies, fruit chow and fresh fruit for the diet conscious.

All for the unbelievable price of $925.

For Tickets contact 
The PSU's Office (NORTH) 624-8468
Enrico Rajah/ Trini Revellers Mas Camp (NORTH) 745-4391 
Felix Montenegro (SOUTH) 684-5839
Lighthouse (SOUTH) 653-3177
Gregg Mannette (EAST) 678-7555
Sean Austin (EAST) 794-4333
Jean Boucaud (WEST) 475-5293 
Matthew Leach (WEST) 473-6107 
Brevard Nelson (WEST) 683-8188
Louis R. Ramdhanie (CENTRAL) 725-2854 or 371-9193

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